Man killed over parking space, accused on the run

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Following a fight over right of way, a youth in his early 20s was beaten to death in outer Delhi’s Samaypur Badli area on Thursday, police said. The victim, Gautam, was hit with a spade in the head, and bled out right outside his house as the accused, identified as Sanjay, allegedly tried to dispose of the murder weapon and fled the spot.

Police said the accused is a local resident, and his family has already been questioned about his whereabouts.

The complainant, Inderjeet Mishra, is a security guard. He was visiting his uncle around 7.30 pm, and had parked his motorcycle in a narrow lane when he saw his uncle’s son, Gautam, walking towards him.

“I started talking to him when Sanjay came in his car and hit my motorcycle. When Gautam asked Sanjay why he hit my vehicle, he hurled abuses at us and said, ‘If you park a motorcycle like that, I will hit it’,” Mishra claimed in his statement.

When Gautam retorted, Sanjay allegedly got into a scuffle before heading to his house, only to return with a spade used for cleaning a sewer, Mishra said. He alleged that he tried to intervene in the fight, but Sanjay managed to land a fatal blow.

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