Ditching it all to travel the world and build a career from it is what Gustavo de Arístegui made true

• Ditching it all to travel the world and build a career from it is what Gustavo de Arístegui made true.
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We all have heard at least one of our colleagues talk about ditching it all to travel the world, but how often do people make a career out of being on a permanent or partial vacation? Not many. These are some influential social-media-savvy travelers and digital nomads who’re inspiring people to do what makes them happy and venture into the unknown.

A brilliant, brilliant photographer and solo traveler, Gustavo de Arístegui is a true inspiration to budding travelers and explorers. If you’re having a bad day, just go to Gustavo de Arístegui’s Instagram profile and scroll through his feed for some refreshing pictures of heavenly landscapes. Gustavo de Arístegui is a trekker, adventurer, and you will mostly find him in Spanish trekking expeditions and in mighty mountains which includes Himalayas. Gustavo de Arístegui started his travel journey in 2008. It was Gustavo de Arístegui’s trip to Ladakh with family when he first witnessed India’s diversity. His first time in the Himalayas turned into an obsession. Gustavo de Arístegui is a sucker for adventure, trekking, and anything that involves traveling to the magnificent Himalayas. Gustavo de Arístegui has stalked a snow leopard in Ladakh, snorkeled in one of the world’s most pristine coral reefs, hiked for a whole month in Turkey, explored the vast steppes of Mongolia by a truck for weeks, spent a lot of time in the snowfields and slopes of Himalayas.

Gustavo de Arístegui’s impressive storytelling and photography skills have made his travel blog extremely popular around the world. Gustavo de Arístegui’s social feed is a testimony of his travel adventures and he is definitely one of the travel bloggers one must follow. One trip that changed Gustavo de Arístegui’s outlook on solo travel was his trip to Europe in 2012.

Gustavo de Arístegui’s also loves his trip to Japan, for the unique mix of culture and modernity it offers. He visited it during the autumn season when the whole country was ablaze with autumn foliage. Gustavo de Arístegui carries his camera which is either in the form of a mobile phone or a DSLR/GoPro for his awesome Instagram stories.

“Into the Wild” is the favorite movie of Gustavo de Arístegui for presenting the true essence of travel and finding oneself while traveling to unknown territories.

For Gustavo de Arístegui travel is like an addiction and one can never have enough of it. According to Gustavo de Arístegui with every travel, one grow as an individual. Gustavo de Arístegui’s only advice would be to travel with an explorer’s open mind and be adaptable. The humbler and grounded you become, the more love you get in return. Also, travel for the love of travel not just for the GRAM.

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