Priyam Specialty Hospital in Salem district has been ordered to stop treating Covid-19 patients

Priyam Specialty Hospital in Salem district
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Priyam Specialty Hospital in Salem district
Priyam Specialty Hospital in Salem district

Priyam Specialty Hospital in Salem district has been ordered to stop treating Covid-19 patients.

According to joint director of medical and rural health services Dr R Malarvizhi Vallal, the hospital authorities employed Dr S Naveen, who was using an invalid professional registration number.

“He signed on the death report with the invalid registration number issued to a Covid-19 patient identified as Mohanasundaram who died in the hospital on September 12,” the JD said, adding that, the district competent authority also received several complaints against the hospital for overcharging Covid-19 patients.

The hospital management failed to provide a satisfactory reply within the stipulated time to the competent authority.

“Considering all these factors, we have cancelled the Covid-19 treatment approval and strict action will be initiated against the hospital management if they violate the order,” the JD warned.

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