Uttar Pradesh to set-up medical college in every district; says Chief Minister

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We will provide them every facility. Uttar Pradesh will do everything possible to fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of self-reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat), he said.

The Uttar Pradesh Government has announced that it is planning to have a medical college in each of the 75 districts in the state. While addressing an investment and tourism event, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister assured the potential investors based in the US, that “every facility” will be provided to those who planned to invest in the state’s development.

The Chief Minister was attending the investment and tourism event under the banner of Uttar Pradesh Association of North America (UPANA). “We will provide them every facility. Uttar Pradesh will do everything possible to fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of self-reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat),” he said.

During the event held through video conference, the Chief Minister also highlighted the construction of new roads, development of tourism, opportunities in the food processing industry, and the “one district, one product” programme in his state.

While commenting on the healthcare system in the state, he said, in 2017, when the BJP-led Government came to power, there were just 12 medical colleges in the state. 30 more are now being constructed and the government plans to have one in each of the 75 districts. The Uttar Pradesh Government will soon introduce a new policy on this, according to a state government statement.

Mr Adityanath said the state government is constructing Bundelkhand, Purvanchal and Ganga expressways, which will accelerate the pace of development. “There are plans to develop industrial clusters along these expressways. This is a good opportunity for the private sector,” the statement quoted him as saying.


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