Delhi-Goa Flight Chaos: Passenger Assaults Captain Amid IndiGo’s Mismanagement

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A recent incident on an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Goa has sparked concerns over the airline’s mismanagement, leading to a passenger assaulting the captain after hours of delay. Sanal Vij, a co-passenger, shared his first-hand account, shedding light on the events and questioning IndiGo’s handling of the situation.

In a detailed account on his X account, Vij emphasized that while he does not support violence, IndiGo exploited the incident to divert attention from their mismanagement and mistakes during the prolonged delay.

The flight, 6E2175, scheduled for a 7:40 AM departure, faced multiple delays and eventually took off at 05:35 PM. Vij described the chaotic boarding process, crew unprofessionalism, and delays attributed to air traffic control congestion.

As the assistant captain addressed passengers around 3:20 PM, the assault occurred, prompting Vij to question IndiGo’s mismanagement and the lack of food for stranded passengers. The incident raises concerns about IndiGo’s handling of the situation, urging authorities to investigate and prevent such mismanagement in the future.

Sahil Kataria, the passenger who assaulted the flight captain, was arrested, and IndiGo is considering placing him on the no-fly list. IndiGo’s official statement emphasized a zero-tolerance policy for unacceptable behavior, highlighting the importance of passenger and crew safety.

The incident comes amid widespread flight disruptions due to fog in north India, prompting the aviation ministry to implement new rules, requiring airlines to cancel flights delayed beyond three hours. The blog delves into the aftermath of the incident and the broader implications for airline management and passenger safety.

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