Rana back in town, is hale and hearty

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The actor is all set to report for shooting and is beck deep with work after a long break.

Rana Daggubati

Actor Rana Daggubati has returned. The Baahubali star, who was on a long break for the past several months, seems to be making up for all that time — even on a Sunday, he was busy with his hectic schedule.

After attending the launch of Galla Ashok’s debut film, he heads into a meeting with his upcoming film directors to discuss his schedules. We are told he is also looking after the pre-production work for his mythological film Hiranya-kasipa. So when we catch him, we can’t help but ask him about when he plans to get on his shoot for Virataparvam. “I will join the shoot from December,” he tells us.

We then ask about his progress with Hiranyakasipa. “It’s very much on and as you can see, the work is going on in my studio. The pre-production work is very important and we are erecting a few sets for the shoot,” says Rana, adding that as the film will release in multiple languages, the team will prepare the subject to appeal to the wider audiences.

Though it’s a mythological film, Rana says the team is taking care of the language as he hopes everyone can understand the dialogues. “I have watched all the films on Hiranyakasipa and have read much literature on the topic. The older films have poems and some Sanskrit lines in them, which, although meant to add to the mythological feel of the story, may be lost on our younger generation. So we are tweaking the writing in a way that everyone understands,” he adds.

Emphasising on why pre-production for any film is very important, Rana says, “If the pre-production is done properly, the number of days that goes into shooting are very less. For instance, the shoot for the film Avengers: End Game was completed in 70 days! That bit of information took me by surprise and it got me thinking that perhaps if we got our act together during the pre-production phase, we wouldn’t need to shoot for months and months on end,” says Rana.

The actor, we hear, has also completed the shoot for his next release, the Hindi film called Haathi Mere Saathi. “I am currently dubbing for my scenes. It’s a three-language release and I have to dub in all the three, which is not an easy task,” adds Rana with a chuckle.

Apart from acting, Rana has been eying production. We’ve also known that he has been in discussions with other filmmakers. For the moment, he tells us, he’s planning a film with actor Raj Tarun, adding, “We are in touch and we want to start the film in January once Raj Tarun completes his present commitments.”

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