9 killed, 10 injured as bus rams into stationary truck in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa

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The accident took place near Gudh road, located about 25 km from Rewa, at around 6.30 am when the bus was on its way to Sidhi district from Rewa, police said.

Nine passengers were killed and 10 others seriously injured when their bus rammed into a stationary truck in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa district on Thursday morning, a police official said.

Nine passengers were killed and 10 others seriously injured when their bus rammed into a stationary truck in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa district on Thursday morning, a police official said.

The accident took place near Gudh road, located about 25 km from Rewa, at around 6.30 am when the bus was on its way to Sidhi district from Rewa, he said.

“The bus hit the stationary truck from behind, killing nine people and injuring 10 others,” Rewa’s Superintendent of police Abid Khan said.

The injured persons were admitted to the district hospital, he added.

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