PM Modi Waiting For “Achhe Din” As China Kidnaps Indian Citizens: Rahul Gandhi

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“China first captured our land and is now abducting our citizens and torturing them. Modiji is silently waiting for achhe din. Shameful,” he said in a tweet In Hindi.

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Rahul Gandhi said that he is silently waiting for ‘achhe din’.

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, alleging that he is silently waiting for “achhe din” as China is kidnapping and torturing Indian citizens.

“China first captured our land and is now abducting our citizens and torturing them. Modiji is silently waiting for achhe din. Shameful,” he said in a tweet In Hindi.

Mr Gandhi tagged a news report citing a statement of BJP MP Tapir Gao, who urged the government to find a solution as China is picking up Indian citizens.

This comes after Arunachal teen Miram Taron was abducted and subsequently released by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China. He alleged that he was tortured by the PLA.

The BJP stormed to power at the Centre in 2014 on the promise of bringing back “achhe din” (good days) in the country.

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