From Dropout to Partner: UK Man’s Remarkable Journey to ₹10 Crore Earnings at Deloitte

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Ben Newton, a 30-year-old from the United Kingdom, defied the odds by achieving tremendous success at Deloitte, despite never attending university. Currently serving as a partner at the renowned firm, Newton’s story is an inspiring testament to determination and seizing opportunities.

Newton’s journey commenced 12 years ago when he enrolled in Deloitte’s Brightstart apprenticeship programme. Despite lacking a formal college education, his dedication and hard work propelled him through the ranks. Last year, he attained the esteemed position of partner, with an average pay of one million pounds (approximately ₹10 crore), according to The Sunday Times.

Reflecting on his humble beginnings, Newton shared, “I grew up in Dorset, with parents who pursued non-academic careers. The world of finance seemed distant from my upbringing.” Despite receiving an acceptance letter from the University of Warwick to study mathematics, Newton opted to join the Brightstart programme, driven by a desire to kickstart his career and earn a living.

Recalling his decision, Newton explained, “Although I had secured a place at Warwick University, I stumbled upon school-leaver schemes during my summer job search. Intrigued by the prospect of gaining practical experience and financial independence, I applied to several programmes, ultimately choosing Deloitte.”

His journey at Deloitte has been marked by dedication and a thirst for knowledge. While he acknowledges the allure of university life and the potential social experiences it offers, Newton remains steadfast in his belief that joining the workforce early was the right path for him.

Deloitte’s Brightstart programme, designed to broaden its recruitment base and provide alternative pathways into the workforce, played a pivotal role in Newton’s success. By tapping into individuals who may not have pursued higher education, the programme aims to diversify talent pools and foster inclusion across socioeconomic backgrounds.

Newton’s remarkable ascent from a school dropout to a partner at Deloitte serves as a beacon of hope for individuals aspiring to carve out successful careers, irrespective of their educational background. His story underscores the transformative power of determination, resilience, and seizing opportunities with unwavering resolve.

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